Take a look around Squideo HQ

The Squideo Office

Date: 18/10/17

Our aim here at Squideo is to make the office as fun, creative and relaxed as we possibly can.

There are been a lot of big changes to the office since we moved in a couple of months back. From painting walls to team photo-shoots, we have been taking the steps we need to create the most awesome environment for the entire team to enjoy.

Take a look at what we've come up with so far!

First off, we have been working on this digital/sea-themed mural on the office wall for months now and we're really pleased with the finished product. Here's Mr Squid to present the finished mural!

Next up is a behind the scenes shot of our recent photo-shoot. We thought that seeing as we had a new website coming soon, we may as well have some professional photos taken to go along with it. So here we have our lovely Managing Director Ben taking one for the team in the pirate's hat.

Finally, we have two new recruits. After much deliberation and a very VERY close Twitter poll, they have been named Ink and Squidge. Say hi!