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Squideo Blog

At Squideo, not only do we work hard to ensure your videos are engaging and enlightening – but we work hard to make sure our content is too!

From industry news to competitions, our blog is packed full of interesting, informative and well-researched digital marketing content for you to enjoy.

Why Are Millennials so Obsessed with Video Content?

It is evident that social media and mobile devises aren’t going anywhere any time soon, with sites such as Facebook leading the way for Millennial connectivity and communication. Facebook has also adapted to allow for consumer behaviour including advertising and online shopping - but what does this mean for business?

Using social media to promote your business online

One of the best digital marketing techniques for promoting your business online is social media, and sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Today, we’re going to show you a few of the ways that you can use social media to promote your business and find new customers.

Here's how your website could be affecting your results

In today’s current, online climate, standing out is more important than ever before. With the competition to ensure you snag those all-important sales; make those crucial, professional connections and maintain a high rank on the search engines higher than ever before; it is vital that businesses know exactly what they need to do to both maintain and boost results. Here's how...

Are you making the most of Twitter?

Having an active and highly engaged following on Twitter offers a range of benefits, offering real value to businesses. Strategic tweets can help your business develop leads, drive traffic, solidify your brand, build your brand as a community, gain more business and connect with potential customers. The following tips can help you in using Twitter to gain business:

Squideo supporting #PrideinHull

At Squideo, we promote an equality-filled work environment. We believe that everybody should feel safe to express themselves, their sexuality and their beliefs in the workplace, which is why this month, we are supporting Hull Pride by changing our logo and branding to reflect the LGBTQ colours.

Working with Bonus Arena - Hull.

We had the absolute pleasure of working with Bonus Arena on an animated video to help them with the announcement of their upcoming open days. Video animation is the perfect, light-hearted way to announce an event such as this one, as it is both eye-catching an informative.

Throwback Thursday with Squideo

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday video is dedicated to the lovely team over at Safety Shield Systems. Safety Shield Systems is a multi-award winning company providing safety systems to the automotive, construction, Highway, Rail, nuclear and transport industries.

Getting your presentation right with video

Research has revealed that only around 4% of professionals consistently use videos during presentations. This implies that 96% of professionals are missing out on the effective and persuasive power of a video presentation. Understand the power of video with this awesome article.

Working with Plush Toy Worlds

Here at Squideo, we like to showcase some of our favourite projects from time to time with the help of the team. Recently our video producer Harry made a video for one of our clients Plush Toy Worlds which involved the creation and animation of a custom character: an adorable teddy bear!

Using Subtitles to Gain Views

The rise of video content out there on social media has risen dramatically in the past year alone never mind the last 5 years, however the attention span of users has come at the cost of this rapid increase in content consumption. That’s where adding subtitles come in.

Case Study - Squideo & Cakesmiths

Single-use plastics are destroying the environment. At Cakesmiths HQ - the team are challenging the way they work by finding new sustainable resources for their packaging.

Tech Trends of 2018

2017 was termed ‘The Year of Intelligence’. and it brought with it a lot of progress and change, from over hyped Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to algorithms that created secret languages. One thing that is very certain is that we are on course to enter the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2018.

No conversions? No problem!

Squideo's top tips on how to get customers to land on your website through video marketing

Throwback Thursday

Throwin' it back to this awesome video we created for the team over at LeaveItWithMe

Welcome to the team, Dan!

After another successful month here at Squideo, we decided that is was the perfect time to introduce a new team member to become a crucial cog in the epic Squideo production machine...

Case study - Found Digital

We asked Managing Director of Found Digital - Dean Cruddace, to tell us about his experience working with Squideo. Here's what Dean had to say!

Looking for a corporate video to represent your business?

We have had tonnes of experience, creating videos for clients who are looking for that extra-special 'something' when it comes to creating corporate videos; whether that's stock footage of 'humans' or just simple text and icons, we will work with you to create the perfect video to represent you online.

Working with JobsInJapan

Their video has received over 11 thousand YouTube views in JUST 2 weeks. Check out this amazing video we created for JobsInJapan

Optimising your video for SEO

Optimising your video for SEO is a trend in the 21st century business environment. Follow these tips to optimise your website and expose your business to the world!

Generating ROI with video

With video becoming a powerful advertising strategy, business owners are increasing their budget on video production. Therefore, this article is focusing on how businesses can generate and improve their return on investment (ROI).