We have just finished working with JobsInJapan on this epic video animation for their company. The video has received over 11 thousand YouTube views in JUST 2 weeks. Check out the video below:

A word from the producer:

Where did the inspiration for the visual elements of this video come from?

The Jobs in Japan logo is really cool and the cat mascot gave us the opportunity to have a fantastic narrator for the video that really brought it to life.


What did you enjoy most about creating this video?

I enjoyed coming up with the scene designs the most as i could mix Tokyo's futuristic city feel with traditional Japanese countryside settings


What was the most difficult thing about creating this video?

The most difficult thing was bringing the cat to life. Animating a cat was a first for me but in the end it looked awesome


What feedback did you receive from the client?

Peter from Jobs in Japan really loved the video and its already working well on his site, gaining more exposure for his job board.